The Nimbus Hosting platform now supports full page caching for WordPress sites. The feature is called NimCache, is available on our Neon packages and above and can be found on your sites dashboard and on the Performance tab. 


When enabled, our full page caching feature will configure the web server to cache pages which are dynamically generated, reducing the time required to serve then to users. This should dramatically improve the load speed of your sites.

How does it work?

The caching feature leverages the power of NGINX caching to speed up your site. When you enable the feature several steps will happen in the background:

  • The Nginx caching plug-in is installed onto your server.

  • The web server is then configured to cache pages. This excludes common dynamic WP pages such as /wp-admin to avoid issues with cached content displaying to the wrong users.

  • A caching plugin for WordPress will be installed onto your site. This works in unison with Nginx to tell it what to cache and for how long as well as what information needs clearing from the cache.

Once enabled, the webserver will immediately start to cache responses. You can use the 'Clear Cache' button in the platform to purge all caches if required.

Exclusion rules

By default we will exclude common dynamic pages such as /wp-admin & /wp-login.php. However you may have specific custom pages on your site that you would like to exlude from the caching.  These URLs can be excluded from caching using the exclusion rules. These rules allow wildcards (* asterisks), which match either nothing, or anything. For example:

  • /my-site* - Matches both /my-site and /my-site/page1

  • /my-site - Matches only /my-site