Among the tools available on the Nimbus platform is the facility to delete any websites that are being hosted on your server.  However, in line with many delete functions, we provide a feature that will allow you to restore a deleted website for a period of up to 30 days.

To access the restore feature, go to the bottom-right-hand side of the server dashboard where you will see a 'show recently deleted websites' link.

Upon clicking on that link you will see a pop-up showing a list of deleted websites.  Select the one that you wish to restore and click on the 'restore' icon from the right-hand side.

You will then be taken to a page showing a list of restore points, the number depends on how many are available on your server.  The most recent restore point is at the bottom of the list.  Please note that any restore points that are displayed that are over 30 days old may not successfully recover the deleted website.  Choose your restore point and again click on the restore icon.

The restore process will then begin and the website will be restored and returned to the list of site names on the server dashboard.