Need to spin up a new server in a hurry?  Developers wait for no one, and there's no need to with our Platform.  You can just log in to our Hosting Platform, click a few buttons and your new server is ready for you to set a website up on in a matter of minutes!  Here's how...

Login to the Hosting Platform and select Servers from the side menu and you'll see the link to Buy/Refer a New Server.

Selecting Select Package brings up a list of the packages that we do, their specs and some of the features available on them.  

Select if you want to pay monthly or benefit from the discount you get with annual billing and then select the package that best meets your needs.

Next you need to decide what to call your server.  We randomly generate our server names as it allows up to spin your new baby up for you faster, but you get to give it a nickname.

The next screen allows you to se how you want to pay for your new server... should we be billing you or are you referring someone

Lastly you just need to decide if you want to add additional backup slots and if you want a migration (it could be free!) and then confirm and wait for your server to arrive.  You'll get an email when it's ready to go.