With any site response speed is key, you want your visitors to have the best, and fastest, experience possible when they're accessing you site.  We've got a rather exciting new feature (currently in beta) which will allow you to see the stats for your site so you can look for ways to improve it's loading times.

Log in to the platform and select the site and you'll see the Response Speed section on the website's dashboard.  Select Manage Performance to get more detail.

At the top of the Performance page you'll see the stats from Google Analytics.  On this page you can refresh that data by clicking on the Refresh button and also see the statistics for the last week, the last month and the last year by changing the drop box accordingly.

There are a number of things that contribute to the TTFB, here are a few things that we suggest looking at to improve the load time of your site.

Use the newest PHP version, there were some dramatic speed increases after PHP5.6, so if your site is running a old PHP version then look to upgrade it.  Please be aware that not all plugins will 'play nicely' with the newer versions, so it's a good idea to change the version and then check your site to make sure that it hasn't broken anything.  If it has then you can switch it back.

Changing your PHP Configuration

Keep your plugins and themes up to date as using out of date themes and plugins is not just a security risk but also slows your site down.  You can update them through the platform now and there's a guide below for how to do that.  In addition to keeping them up to date, keep an eye on how many you have and if you're not using them then remove them as this can also affect the TTFB.

WordPress Tools

Using a caching plugin really helps with getting those page speeds down.  Why not try our NimCache, built from the ground up to speed up your site.

NimCache (Full Page Caching for WordPress)